sharing wif lappy :((

its to hard for me to scream it all out . 
i need someone to be by my side . sad . BIG GIRLS DONT CRY !!!
I still couldnt forget on how we met . through social networking ! sound like hell right ?
haha . me myself also dont know how i had gave my heart to u .

*hai ?
*boleh kenal ?
*chat tak ?

and the days after , we have bond our chemistry together . 
from it , i could feel in deep of my heart that i start to have a weird feeling with u . how come ? we had never meet ! such a crazy and drastic result ? its like too easy for me to fallin on u .however , i didnt want to make it as an excuse . i have tried . yaa, and i manage to make it . 3 words to say ! I LOVE YOU .
n now , what shou;d i say ? i hope that u will realise it . im begging fo that . please , open up ur eyes dear .i need u right now . .

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