bare in mind . *coughcough*
uhh . im forgot of something . ASSALAMUALAIKUM and a very good day okey .
todays title is just alike a scene view of my diary . its my wish to write anythings right ?
hate me ? just take ur toys and plays aways from me !
stopstop .
lets me start it first okey ?
its has been about two weeks for me here . in matrics .keep my life as a student . still . im a student and always be a good  naughty student . thas me okey darl . hewhew .
okey ,then .  fews days before , i've been involve with team building's camp at teratak riverview , ulu selangor.
that kind of the best and enjoyed activity thats i need to went through . i learn more and many from there .

out of box for a while .
actually , during break for the short holidays sem , aku ade pergi interview spa . ta tahu spa tu ape ? alolo 
*sambil wat muke chomey*
alaa , spa tu kire macm kite keje and belajar same2 la .ala ala milo fuze 2 in one la .*err , sabek?*
 bezenye , kite akan dapat elaun , just belajar jelaa
after three years grads dip , sambung la keje tu .
ha okeey ,aku da pegi pon interview nye kan  . and tu bukan maslh dgt , interview biase je kod . but , bare in mind . i;ve beeing to honest that day !
frankly speaks , aku tanak admit yang aku nie student matrik sebenarnye , cz aku memang ade dgr byak owg ckp

 : spa ta kan pilih dak matrix .

tapi tu aa , aku kan degil dan JUJUR 
AND TU LA JAWAB NYA . ITS FAIL. aku gagal for these 2nd chance .

then , rancangn sekarang ape?
yelaa , wat stpm jela . HAHA .
bukan STPM form 6 , but  sijil tunggu pinangan masuk .
who cares babe ? i think i wanna mary you !
haiiih , gatal la kau ! haha
taak , aku tipu okeey ?  *speechless*

terus je la kat matrik kan ? ape ag ley wat kn ?
redho je la. sayangsayang sekalian , aku akn stay kat sini jelaa .
plz la studies , i need ur cooperation , be kind plz ?
lupekan semuanya pasal spa .

so then , sepanjang kat sini , aku akan cube dapatkan pointer yang menjamin hidup aku ,
menjamin mase depan negare jugak . hoho .
tak masal !
*ade aku kisah ?*
furher for degree ? ya , i wanna it . but theres a BIG  problem here ,  idk which corse is in my mind and  
the last things that i've been thinks about is just gonna take AERONAUTICS as my corse and choose PILOT as my job . may i fly?
dont show off :/
CAPTAIN nurul fatin .
who knows if thats gonna be a real things right ?
im trying .
and i believe , as time passes , i'll make and think out about my real ability and interest .
im hoping for that .

last , im gonna make de world CRUSH !
THERE is only one direction's way right ?
start making the best choice .



ya , its time to return . im now in MALACCA MATRICULATION COLLAGUE to continue my study for another two sems to do here.
thats not much of things that beings changed after a month . and me , still in the same block's hostel that is , A4 . im still on floor two , but from others room and wing :/

oh why im keep on speaking ?
actually , this sem i will sit for my MUET . so then ,what  i need to do is practice .
come on babe , u can make it .
even it wont be as flawless and fluent just like you guys . ==,
but its okay , im trying right ?
*applause please :*

err. time for me to study :)

dearest thick hell book ! please come nearer !
haha . okeey , plz be nice with me .
i wont bite u <3

apart of it , i will try my best to change my bad attitude .
i wont skip class , (MAYBE) . heee


#waving like a diva right now !

i wish that i may fulfill my wish to be a PILOT .
dearest my hubby , CAPITAL SMH ,
plz do understand about what i've been admiring off .
i love to see things on sky :)

bet it !
i will make my best so that i manage to achieve it.
stop saying you cant because everyone are born to be someone ,
and maybe i might be the others person whos proud off my ability with the giant bird on air !
just beelieve in urself and u will find it goes true .

smiling is the starting of having a BIGGGGG smile :D

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