hi uols. 
kabare ? waras ? 
ehh , JAWA lak terkeluarrr =='
maap ! hihhiii. 

lama sgt dah ta update belogs i ni rasenye smpaikan bersawang ! acehhh :p
nothing special had happened. i just go through w/ my new second sem, first year "well". 
hm thick and thin condition same as fat and thin condition. thats normal lah kan ?
u're not a person lah if u never had a difficult's situation. 

time had been flies so soooo fast babe. rasa mcm baru semalam tgk result sem one =='
aisehh mennn.
taw2 je awal bulan 6 ni dah nak start final sem due. 
FINAL ok. not a test >,<
ive learnt so many things !
and lastly, 
wish me luck ! !

ima having kind oof awkward writing since i've been in holiday mood of typing for so long
hence let the picture rolls my activities ! 

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