U should not ask me to remember when im almost forget.
im just too ordinary.
lately, im having a bad memory storage.
till also one day dah hampir lupa aku ade blog and when org tye :

"tahu gune blog x ?"

that time, baru lah ingt. ohhh i own a blog too. 
==' sigh 

like seriously ahh ?
but please dont ask me why i behave this way ?

too much aim to grab. yet still little effort that i put on. I need a nice grade for my studies. i knew.
it shouldnt be this way. lazy me still. hm i knew. hm.

also for these :

im not a girl with muscle.
im just dream of myself able to do handstand. thats will be a full of happiness bucket.

its also okay for not having six packs.
i just wanna have a flat tummy.

its also okay for not having fast food.
as long as i got enough meal everyday.

its okay for not called as gym's ladies.
as long as im not belongs to obese's group .

also the gym principle that makes me awake : NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Also sorrrrrrry for the long times without updating,. trying to update things much often later rather than kept them by myself.

coretan merapu by 161cm and 58kgs imperfect lady.
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