heyy there . there ? okay . im awake , awake from everything ==' 
still cant close my eyes tightly . oh demn it . i hate this killing situation . idk why its must be happen to me . too much things happen by today . still dont have my sleep !! 

approach him again after 7 YEARS . OKEEEEY . 7 YEARS . that stupid lil thing obviously making my heart beat increase ! 
err . stupid much . 
hows am i suppose to have that kind of feeling ? =='

stop till there only . and here about my preparation for the last two papers . TWO PAPERS . just know , using my unused sleep time , doin' my revision for physics <3 PHYSICS , you should know that i love you much ! :* and for CHEMISTRY , we'll meet too after this :)

apart from there , lets went to other part of my life . i just being offered an interview for BACHELOR IN AVIATION MANAGEMENT in UniKL . even its just an interview offered , its give a greatest impact for my life . trust me . such a wonderful memory to be shared with . i love SKY and AEROPLANE  <3 

even my last entry is bout my decision to turn to MARINE =='
its still under my thinking . just go on with the interview . either i pass or not ? that would be another story soon. 

in my happy much situation , there is still something that make me to have a reason for being too sad here. i will be the most happy GUY girl , after done w/ my exam . but then , there is a fact that i need to go through . we need to wave a good bye , sayonara stuff to LONDANG :'( 
such a sad story to be shared . after two years, the time gonna separate us !
 they are really mean to me  !!.
please dearest heart , be strong . :) 

till meet you guys again , 




Owner of de blog :) 
im not smiling because im happy just i want you see hows strong i am :')


hai all of youuu <3
haa , taraa . to making de intro shorten , lets put out the unfuntion Lac Z first . err , kaitan ? haha . hm dush ! *sakit . mengarut je keje , hm cm nie la , meh aku cite ye . aku ase everything starts to changed slowly . betool . kalau dulu ,aku laa penggila habis bout aero. and nows me turn to marine . oh mennn ! why it is happend ? simply answer to said , i found marine also had its own interesting parts too :) betoll . for whose love adventure , you can choose to be in air or under sea . even la sebelom nie aku macam frust gegile sebab tak layak apply aero cz factor gender .yelaa , nak jadik PILOT sgt kennnn ?

refer entry nie :

okey . but then sekarang dah mula rasa something changed . i turn to marine . YES :) In Sha Allah . thats would be my right choice for my bachelor :) pray for me ? AMINNN .
ape ape pon yang aku dapat nanti , aku harap itu yang terbaik . by the way , course yang aku agung2 kan tadi nama nya BIOLOGY MARINE , aku apply kat UMT . kampung halaman tuu ! haha . tak banyak u yang offered course nie and course nie memang hangat ohh kat UMT niee . yelaa , tempat pon strategik meh !

for whose yang ta berape tahu sgt pasal corse nie , biaq la aku cite skit ehh . cz aku pon dulu knows nothing pasal corse nie . but right after buat survey , maklumat2 google , tanya senior2 , from lecture opinion , dorang bagi kata putus that aku perlu wajib apply corse niee . tye dorang tentang jam redit , what to study and etc.
chewaah ,
haha , hm cmnie , corse nie awal2 lagi kita dah tahu msti got something to do w/ water la kan , dah nama pon marine ==' student kene kaji tentang kehidupan2 laut , ape yang ada kat permukaan laut , terumbu2 karang tu ,need to do diving . plus sape yang already own scuba lesen , such an advantage lah tu weeh.. tapi pendek cite , memang corse nie AWESOME <3 but corse nie costly sikit , sikit laa . yelaa , nak masuk laut kan :) tapi amek corse nie dah macam amek pakej honeymoon mase belajar je . g pulau bagaii :)
penat tu confirm nye ! tapi for de fun , you worth it la beb . mesti ade budak fakulti lain jeles wehh !

bout kerje , jangan nak pk sgt jgn risau . corse nie tak kan d offered lah kalau memang tak jamin keje . just to work a bit hard la untuk corse nie . cz mental fizikal kena sama2 ups la beb ! kesibukan kelas untuk corse nie pon act luar biasa sikit . however , aku dah ready and nekad ! aceceeee , ape2 pon berbekalkan pointer aku niee , aku harap sgt aku layak untuk itu :)
kalau dah rezeki tak ke mana kan ? tak gitu ? who knows one day : aku akan jadik pegawai marin and etc yang berkaitan laut2 nie ! :D

last wish : GOODLUCK FOR PSPM <3 ^^


haii peeps :) its has been too long for me away from this blog . and kekadang about to forget yang ak nie still ade blog to be handle . haha. *sigh ! big problems of you ateen !

okeey , nothing much to talk about . could be this is the last entry for me in KMM , since i have less than a month here. and then gonna back to my hometown . KUANTAN . im damly miss you like crazy hell . but , still in my black spot of the heart, i feels like too hard to leave KMM . dats not cause of the surrounding , de places, de foods or etc . but its just because of the PEOPLE here . they are really make my day here :'(

Cc : my beloved roomate , SYAZELA AZUA, AQILAH , NADIA AMER
de best merrier classmate : D11T4 , especially TYRA KAMAL :)
my adorable lectures too <3

PDT 2011/2013 batch too !

oh my God , they are really make me feels so sick when im start to thinks that i need to leave KMM, leave Malacca . and idk for how long ==' will i be here again ? krik2  .

too speechless to talk about my experience here .
too much memories in sugary or too salty here . and those things really help me much .
they help me to build a new stronger me than before .
and i need to admit that , im might having bleeding in my eyes when de last day of here will coming soon .

but thats it , every single pertemuan must be there is perpisahan too . SAYONARA ~
We have been through too much memories here .

the previous three big Exam here ,

and nows the last one is coming to said hi to me :

and here , i wanna share bout my last gather w/ classmate .
we had an overnight activity at pengkalan balak together :)
check in at D'ceria chalet .
BBQ's time together, chit chat , gossiping . lepaking and all together .
thats would be de best memories ever after . i will miss you guys soon :*
( 6 April - 7 April  ) , two days one night .

please dont ever forget me :'(

for de people around me too, please have a single space in ur heart so that you can put me in ur heart too . PLEASE . make it true babe and dude .
for me , its not an easy stuff to let me forget you guys . In Sha Allah , our relay will last forever .
yet . still bersedih ! *sobs . im about to say that i dont want this temporary perpisahan .
i wanna make a rewind video so that i can always remembering our journey here .
in sad, happiness and too much things to describe more =='
guys , i heart you guys :*

#this entry make me about to making de diamond falls from my eyes act .
continue w/ my study for de last PSPM :)


                                         THE EVENING <3

me and fahana

tyra and fana

she's ieti . im faten

tour de road . lalala~


bancuh air 

ayam and hot dog on FIREE !

setel masak2 .

2nd picha after masak2 


breakfast time , really candid :)

right in front of our chalet

sementara tunggu pak cik teksi , snap2 again =='
waitin' for de last cab . the GUYS 

kat depan KMM , before scan and disahkan kene block beramai2 =='

cafe time :) and enjoy the whole trip's day 

collage's pics 


i will love all of you my dearesT fellow friends . lets pray together so that our friendship wont ruin and got blunt ends :)
babe and dude , wishing you guys all de best future and beat de world to get what you've been aim for . you can do it . trust your heart say :)
wherever you are . whoever you are for the next 5 years, 10 years and so on . it gonna be too hard for me to forget you guys :'(
 please hold our memories together tightly <3 

our members : Dzarif, Aizat , Muhd Nur, Wan Ajix ,
Hajar, Nisa, Ieti, Tyra, Fana, Sarah, Piqah, Wawa, Ain, Myra and ME :) 

and also for the rest members whose use to be in our class too :)

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