haii peeps :) its has been too long for me away from this blog . and kekadang about to forget yang ak nie still ade blog to be handle . haha. *sigh ! big problems of you ateen !

okeey , nothing much to talk about . could be this is the last entry for me in KMM , since i have less than a month here. and then gonna back to my hometown . KUANTAN . im damly miss you like crazy hell . but , still in my black spot of the heart, i feels like too hard to leave KMM . dats not cause of the surrounding , de places, de foods or etc . but its just because of the PEOPLE here . they are really make my day here :'(

Cc : my beloved roomate , SYAZELA AZUA, AQILAH , NADIA AMER
de best merrier classmate : D11T4 , especially TYRA KAMAL :)
my adorable lectures too <3

PDT 2011/2013 batch too !

oh my God , they are really make me feels so sick when im start to thinks that i need to leave KMM, leave Malacca . and idk for how long ==' will i be here again ? krik2  .

too speechless to talk about my experience here .
too much memories in sugary or too salty here . and those things really help me much .
they help me to build a new stronger me than before .
and i need to admit that , im might having bleeding in my eyes when de last day of here will coming soon .

but thats it , every single pertemuan must be there is perpisahan too . SAYONARA ~
We have been through too much memories here .

the previous three big Exam here ,

and nows the last one is coming to said hi to me :

and here , i wanna share bout my last gather w/ classmate .
we had an overnight activity at pengkalan balak together :)
check in at D'ceria chalet .
BBQ's time together, chit chat , gossiping . lepaking and all together .
thats would be de best memories ever after . i will miss you guys soon :*
( 6 April - 7 April  ) , two days one night .

please dont ever forget me :'(

for de people around me too, please have a single space in ur heart so that you can put me in ur heart too . PLEASE . make it true babe and dude .
for me , its not an easy stuff to let me forget you guys . In Sha Allah , our relay will last forever .
yet . still bersedih ! *sobs . im about to say that i dont want this temporary perpisahan .
i wanna make a rewind video so that i can always remembering our journey here .
in sad, happiness and too much things to describe more =='
guys , i heart you guys :*

#this entry make me about to making de diamond falls from my eyes act .
continue w/ my study for de last PSPM :)


                                         THE EVENING <3

me and fahana

tyra and fana

she's ieti . im faten

tour de road . lalala~


bancuh air 

ayam and hot dog on FIREE !

setel masak2 .

2nd picha after masak2 


breakfast time , really candid :)

right in front of our chalet

sementara tunggu pak cik teksi , snap2 again =='
waitin' for de last cab . the GUYS 

kat depan KMM , before scan and disahkan kene block beramai2 =='

cafe time :) and enjoy the whole trip's day 

collage's pics 


i will love all of you my dearesT fellow friends . lets pray together so that our friendship wont ruin and got blunt ends :)
babe and dude , wishing you guys all de best future and beat de world to get what you've been aim for . you can do it . trust your heart say :)
wherever you are . whoever you are for the next 5 years, 10 years and so on . it gonna be too hard for me to forget you guys :'(
 please hold our memories together tightly <3 

our members : Dzarif, Aizat , Muhd Nur, Wan Ajix ,
Hajar, Nisa, Ieti, Tyra, Fana, Sarah, Piqah, Wawa, Ain, Myra and ME :) 

and also for the rest members whose use to be in our class too :)

2 reactions:

  1. hahaha... atennn.... why gmba muke pelik2 ko upload ni.... kakaka
    gmba aq letak ke? x nk miss aq gak??

    khas from kecik pract D11P3

    1. haha, most of them were candid picha . thats why laaa . tapi tape laaa . msuwik skit . natural beauty ! haha . i will miss you too la kecik . its just masa nie aku punye trip w/ classmate . tu yang tade kau . =.- no worries aku tetap akan rindu kau jugak <3


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