heyy there . there ? okay . im awake , awake from everything ==' 
still cant close my eyes tightly . oh demn it . i hate this killing situation . idk why its must be happen to me . too much things happen by today . still dont have my sleep !! 

approach him again after 7 YEARS . OKEEEEY . 7 YEARS . that stupid lil thing obviously making my heart beat increase ! 
err . stupid much . 
hows am i suppose to have that kind of feeling ? =='

stop till there only . and here about my preparation for the last two papers . TWO PAPERS . just know , using my unused sleep time , doin' my revision for physics <3 PHYSICS , you should know that i love you much ! :* and for CHEMISTRY , we'll meet too after this :)

apart from there , lets went to other part of my life . i just being offered an interview for BACHELOR IN AVIATION MANAGEMENT in UniKL . even its just an interview offered , its give a greatest impact for my life . trust me . such a wonderful memory to be shared with . i love SKY and AEROPLANE  <3 

even my last entry is bout my decision to turn to MARINE =='
its still under my thinking . just go on with the interview . either i pass or not ? that would be another story soon. 

in my happy much situation , there is still something that make me to have a reason for being too sad here. i will be the most happy GUY girl , after done w/ my exam . but then , there is a fact that i need to go through . we need to wave a good bye , sayonara stuff to LONDANG :'( 
such a sad story to be shared . after two years, the time gonna separate us !
 they are really mean to me  !!.
please dearest heart , be strong . :) 

till meet you guys again , 




Owner of de blog :) 
im not smiling because im happy just i want you see hows strong i am :')

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