Its been so long time after losing from blog's life. duno. i just got no feel to hupdate. about a year jugak la update nothing. sorry guys. *muka mintak penampo*

actually not to say that i am literally busy for the a year period, its just not in good mood of writing except to write report. well its a cumpalsory. what to do ? haihhh --' i just had to.

but for these 2015, many good things that ive been through. Thanks to You, Allah.
my life feels enlighten, eventhou sometime i will be just too clumsy of everything. but as long as im still de same person till now. so its fine for me.

and btw, for partner-mate, soulmate, heartmate, and not coffeemate --' because i need to avoid caffein now meh.
i just met him. just few days before. only to inform that we had a well god quality spend for the less than 24 hrs period. thanks for come over here sayang :)

for study, nothing much make me worried except my bad attitude, which is famous to call as Penyakit M, MALAS. during first week, i could be losing these penyakit and after few weeks it start to attack me badly.
ok alasan je tuu.

i just hope that by the end of the sems, my final grade (CGPA) may improve at least for some level that make me qualified enough to further Master. just in case, i would love to study more and let my brain explode then.

clouds has their own story for everyday. so do I am.
my thick and thin days passed and gone. but the memories wont fade.
pinky promise.

for 2015, im really hope to be a better person than before.
having confident and start doing to achieve my wishgoal.

thats it. till we continue later.
later could be by i days, weeks or again by year period.

byee :)

i guess no picture for these entry. maybe later. *peaceyo*

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